Saturday, July 8, 2017

Just Smile

So driving to work this morning I saw a runner coming towards me on the street.  Now I know some runners and they never seem to look happy while running.  Most of the ones I know are happy they are runners and proud of their running accomplishments

 but while running, you'd never know it.

I smiled out the window of my car and the lady running...


I think I also noticed an extra spring in her step as she continued on.

I have always been a smiler but when I lost my hair I found I did it more when out in public.  I also wasn't a big selfie person until I lost my hair.  To me, smiling was like an ice breaker for all involved; for others
 because people stare at women when they are bald, for me because I hate being the center of attention.  So, in the early days of chemo and afterwards when I returned to my office I smiled at people as I passed them or as I caught them looking at me.

Many times it triggered a conversation; as my hair grew in the conversations were less about the hows and whys of my baldness.

By the time my hair grew in, smiling at people was a habit.  I was more shy and reserved before getting sick.  Now...honestly, I don't care what people think of me, I know the kind of person I am and I am tired of the negativity that permeates life these days.  So, I smile at people I pass in the hall at work, on the street when out walking, or in the aisles at the store.  Most smile back or say hello.  I am sure some think I am crazy.  I hope that my smile or greeting makes people happy or at least less sad, angry, moody, fill in the blank.  It makes me happy.

There is way too much stuff making people angry these days.

So, if you see me out and're probably going to get smiled at...unless you're driving poorly.  Then you'll probably get introduced to my car horn...


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