Tuesday, July 11, 2017

situational outrage

As we have gone through the last couple of years I have noticed a startling increase in what I like to refer to as situational outrage.

Who here was pissed at Hillary for the email situation??  I certainly hope you're equally pissed at the ridiculousness that has spewed from the White House daily since January 20th.

Who here hates Obamacare?  Are you mad at the insurance and healthcare industries too?

 If not, you might just be pissed that a black man was elected President twice.

 I get it, maybe you didn't like President Obama; that's fine, certainly your prerogative.  You're not EVER going to convince me that a better president is currently in the White House though, so save your breath/letters on your keyboard.

While you're shouting from the rooftops that CNN is "fake news"...have you ever watched Fox News??  Took me less than a minute and an Ipad to prove their "facts" patently false.  And I was not the smartest person in the room at the time.

When you're preaching that progressives should "settle down" and "deal" with our current president...remember, "the world was going to end" with our last President.

You're outraged when you hear about crimes against humanity perpetrated by illegal immigrants.  Were you equally outraged when children and teachers were gunned down by an affluent white man with mental health issues?  Were you pissed as hell when a white man slaughtered people in a movie theater in Colorado?  Or maybe you were angry when the white supremacist killed several black people in a church in Charleston?

I live outside of Chicago.  For the last couple of years there has been a running gang war that has increased the gun violence in the city exponentially.  Many shootings go unsolved because people don't speak up.  People don't speak up because they fear repercussions from gang members.  And the situation snowballs.  People in the worst neighborhoods are outraged that the police don't do more.  The chief of police is outraged at the people dying in the streets and it goes on and on.  How about if you see something SAY something.  The police cannot protect you if they don't know who they are protecting you from.

Don't even get me started on the issue of guns on the streets.

Really people, you cannot pick and choose what to be outraged about and expect to be credible to the people around you.

Sure, you don't like abortions.  Who does??  Seriously, find me someone who does.

But while conservative "Christians" are voting to defund planned parenthood because abortions are among the services PP offers, keep in mind, that they are also eliminating free or inexpensive care for those who desperately need it and they will need it more if Obamacare gets repealed.

Let's go back to Hillary's emails...she is a 70 year old woman; think about it...find a 70 year old woman (or man for that matter) and ask if she knows what kind of server her emails are arriving on.  Should she have known??  Maybe, but I'll be honest, that's on the government IT team.  Her job was to be Secretary of State not supervise the installation of servers in her home or office.  While you're chewing on that there is a seventy something man in the White House tweeting everything that has or hasn't gone on in his life recently.  A lot of the time it doesn't even make sense!!!  And Twitter is secure, right??  Where is your outrage??

Picture for a moment our last President pulling a stunt like covfefe, or attacks on newspeople from MSNBC.  There would have been riots against him in the streets.  The Fox News studios would have imploded with outrage.

Where is your outrage when the speaker of the house, the senate majority leader and various communications people at the White House step to microphones day after day and spew BULLSHIT??  We as Americans deserve better than the shyster (thank you Grandpa for that word) currently posturing as president.

I'd love to see 45 held to the same standards that some held our last President to.

Ah yes, but 45 is a novice...he's new to this, he's not a politician.  That's right...he's a senile seventy something year old man baby who is currently leader of the free world and until that situation changes, I am going to be outraged.

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