Thursday, June 29, 2017

Deflect and Dodge

Copy and paste this link into your browser and read the op-ed.

Let me know if you're not outraged by the end.

45 was tweeting this morning.  Obviously he is deflecting from his republican backed healthcare bill which is failing (a favorite word of 45's) with his own party.  What he was tweeting could be considered libel.  Were you outraged?  Or were you someone who thinks the press is bullying 45?

That's rich...people are "bullying" the president of the United States.  How does he solve the problem??  By bullying a member of the media...via Twitter.

He's a teenage boy who needs to be sent to his room until 2020.  Oh yeah...that same teenage boy is president of the United States.  SMDH

That's "shaking my damn head" for those not into text speak.

Now I know you may read this and say, she's off on a political rant again.  You're damn right, I am.

Who thought this fool as president was a good idea?  I know, there were those who "survived" 8 years of Barack Obama. OMG you had it so horribly...we came out of the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s; which in case you're not into doing your homework started before President Obama was elected (look it up).

Did you worry nightly that Pres. Obama was going to send the country into nuclear war by saying or tweeting something stupid?  No, you didn't.  You also didn't have the DAILY WTF moment when 45 or one of his flunkies opened their mouths and said something stupid.

For those of you that have blamed Pres. Obama for every negative thing that has happened since circa 2006 (and continue to do so), shut up and get a grip.  Tell 45 the same.  He is the president now so everything that goes wrong (how much time do you have?) is on him.

I know some people who support 45 who keep saying, everyone should just step back and let him do his job.  Does he even know what his job is?  It's not all photo ops with sports teams, campaign rallies and golf Donnie boy.  Put the Blackberry down, hire some staff, and get to work; it's been almost 6 months.

Has it really only been 6 months?

Health insurance is hard.  You bet it is.  It's hard and it's complicated and it's clear that your party doesn't give a damn about the average citizen which is why this crappy bill lingers with fewer and fewer supporters by the day.  Healthcare shouldn't be a luxury; not in the greatest country on the planet.

Let's rebuild the coal industry!! Woohoo coal!!  Seriously?!?!?!  There are about a million reasons why that is a fairly stupid idea.

Let's defund the arts--yeah, no one needs those (SAID NO ONE EVER).

And yet 45's supporters stand beside him like an abused spouse.

What are ya'll going to do when you're without health insurance?  I suppose you could "get a job" like Kellyanne Conway suggested.  When are you going to stop making excuses and take responsibility for your choice?  When are you going to stop coddling your choice?   How many times did you hear Pres. Obama complain about the press?  Call the press fake news?  Single out female members of the press and speak foully of them?   If he really and truly is a teenage boy, he's too young to be president and frankly he's so out of touch with reality, I daresay he's too old to be president.

Don't worry though, I am sure he's working very hard this afternoon...counting the people that attended the inauguration back in January.

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