Friday, June 2, 2017

There...I said it.

A random list of things I would one day like to say out loud to the appropriate audience.  Today it's you.  

Actually I don't mind Nutella.
I don't like broccoli....cannot stand the way it smells when it is cooked.  The same could be said of cauliflower.

In 1987, I loved George Michael so much so, I wished that he liked girls and I was devastated when he died last Christmas (!!!).

I am fascinated by weather (climate change is a real thing).

I like fantasy football better than the real game.

I believe that life is too do and say what you want people to see and hear.

I believe you reap what you sow.

I believe that 98% of "reality TV" is crap and the other 2% isn't that good either.

A lot of what is wrong with the world today is caused by "reality TV" and the general dumbing down of society.

Too much stupidity is rewarded these days.  Perhaps it should be punished severely.

I watch Dancing with the Stars...expect to hate it every season as we go deeper and deeper into what execs at ABC consider a "star" to be...and am pleasantly surprised each season.

If you live within 10 miles of a major airport by choice, you should have no right to complain about airplane noise...airports do not grow out of the ground overnight.

I like to write.

I like to roll my eyes (and I do it a lot lately).  Sorry Grandma...they haven't gotten stuck yet.

Some days I lean left...others I lean right and I think the people who lean far right or left should be pushed over.

I didn't care about her emails.

I care very much about 45's "relationship" with Russia.

I didn't think we had great choices in either candidate in the last Presidential election.

I cannot BELIEVE that Sean Spicer hasn't gone postal yet.

Spiders are disgusting scary creatures; nightmares are made from spiders.

I like to drive fast.

Laughter truly is the best medicine.

I get aggravated when I hear a song I loved in my 20s (or 30s) on the oldies station on the radio.

I love the White Sox but do not hate the Cubs.

I hate the Yankees (except for Joe Girardi, Derek Jeter and a select group of other former players).

I doubt the Bears will bring another Super Bowl trophy to Chicago in my lifetime

I hope I am dead wrong about the above statement.

I miss hockey in the summer time.

Music soothes my soul daily.

I like my dog more than many people in my life.

I dislike phoniness (is that a word?) in any form.

Christmas trees should not go up before November 15th or be up after January 11th.

Laziness should also be punished and not rewarded.

The entire Kar-Jenner clan (and a good number of their fans) should be launched on NASA's Parker Solar Probe (go ahead, look it up).  See also "reality TV".

MTV and VH1 should play videos only.

Poker is NOT a sport.

After 30+ years I can still sit down and follow a General Hospital episode.

I do not know the way to San Jose, although I did leave my heart in San Francisco back in the early 90s.  Thankfully I got it back.

You shouldn't be your child's friend until they know how to adult and they do it with some regularity.

I don't shop at Walmart; they suck as corporate citizens.

I won't eat at Chick-fil-A although their commercials are clever.

I dismiss anything posted from a far right or far left wing "news" source out of hand. Looking at you Fox News and Occupy Democrats.

I judge people who don't take care of their kids, parents, pets and lawn.

Don't take yourself too seriously...this will go over the heads of those who need to do it most.

Not enough people are kind enough.

Not everyone should have a gun; even if they think it's their right.

Chili Cheese Fritos are the BOMB.

America was never not great; to say otherwise is just ignorance.

Americans do not have or use enough vacation time.

There was life before a smart phone.

Instant Messages are the scourge of the modern era.

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Sometimes you're the problem.

It's OK to walk away from someone who is toxic and you get to define what is toxic to you.

The death penalty should absolutely apply in certain cases.

Half of licensed drivers should not be driving (pretty sure I am being generous here).

There should be term limits at every level of public service and if public servants are not doing their job, they should be fired immediately.

The 45th president of the United States is a pathetic example of a human being.  When he dies, a study of his brain will likely show dementia.  There is really no other way to explain his actions.

I do not understand the appeal of sushi.

There are people in this country who voted for our 45th president because our 44th president was a black man.

It's unfortunate that those people are so ignorant.

This too shall pass; although hopefully sooner rather than later.

Don't complain if you have no intention of changing the circumstances that you are complaining about.

Everyone should try yoga.

Not everyone should wear yoga pants.

Cancer needs to be cured in my lifetime; and the cures should be available to ANYONE with the disease.

Greed is a disgusting trait.

Spend as much time researching the facts as you do spouting your opinion.

The ability to admit making a mistake is something that should be admired not ridiculed.

Bullies suck.

Many women over 40 should not have long hair.

Bald is beautiful.

So is hair, but I draw the line at man buns.

Love is love is love is love is love.  Who you choose to love is none of my business and who I choose to love is none of yours.

Many people should learn the definition of tolerance and how to practice it and yes, you can tolerate something without approving of it.

Some of the most un-Christian people on the planet call themselves Christian vehemently.  God has his eye on you too.  The same God that you say is going to judge me will also judge you.  Good thing for you my God loves everyone.

Karma will come for everyone who deserves it.  This is another instance where this statement will go right over the heads of those who need to know.

Maybe more people should set their BS tolerance at zero.  It was very liberating for me.

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