Friday, June 2, 2017


So last week after the terrorist attack on Manchester, I found myself a little uptight.  Several years ago there was a stampede in a night club in Chicago after someone sprayed pepper spray into a crowd...several young people were killed.  A couple of days later my sister and I attended a Bon Jovi concert and you better believe we mapped our routes to every exit in the arena; if only in our heads.

I cannot imagine the fear in the hearts of the concert goers.  I cannot imagine the cowardice in the heart of the bomber.  The one and only time I agreed with 45 was last week when he called these terrorists losers.

Last Tues Chris and I embarked on a trip to AZ to attend Madeleine's HS graduation.  I checked the entrances and exits at O'Hare Airport.  I eyed everyone in line for TSA security.  I listened carefully to the flight attendants during the pre-flight safety lecture.  I agreed to open the plane door in case of emergencies as we had seats in an exit row.  Let's be honest, I would get out  of the way and let Chris open the door but you get the idea.

From Tues morning to Friday night, we were relatively off the grid.  Not the phone or social media grid, but the NEWS grid.  I am a bit of a news junkie and lately it makes me uptight and irritable.  It was nice to be away from it.

We didn't hear every sad story of the victims of the Manchester bombing.  We didn't hear about every stupid thing 45 was doing on his overseas trip.  I got to pick and choose (or choose to ignore) much of what popped up on FB and Twitter.  It was so very liberating!!

I found that the anxiety that has rattled me since January-ish slip much so that I have watched/read/listened to less news since being home.

I am enjoying my "FREEDOM".  That's not to say that I didn't notice we had been covfefe-ed overnight.

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