Sunday, June 11, 2017

Stop the Madness

So last week the world fell on its ear because Kathy Griffin in a moment of overt stupidity made a video and posted it on social media.  I am no fan of Kathy Griffin. But I think the world went a little crazy last week.

If her photo pissed you off, the Obama mask with a noose displayed at a Wisconsin football game last fall should have pissed you off as well.

I don't care what your political affiliation is.  Both should make you outraged.

You can be funny without being crude, distasteful, and ignorant.  You can dislike someone without making an ass of yourself.  Saturday Night Live has been poking fun at 45 and his cronies for more than a year.  I am guessing many of 45's followers and perhaps even 45 himself probably don't get half of the jokes but I am also guessing that Barron can watch SNL and sleep at night.

The problem I have with the lynch mob chasing down Kathy Griffin last week is that I do not recall the outrage when Ted Nugent threatened President Obama's life.  He recently got an invite to the White House.  Frankly, Ted Nugent isn't worthy to change toilet paper in a White House bathroom but I am going to consider the source of the invitation.

I was reading the New Yorker the other day and in an article about 45 losing his job, it talked about staffers at the White House having WTF moments.  How many moments have there been since noon Eastern time on Jan 20th?

Regardless of your political beliefs, how have you not said WTF at least once a day since Jan 20th?

My WTF yesterday was Paul Ryan's comment that 45 is "new to this". Really Paul?  Do you have a clue how stupid that sounds?  You and Mitch would have had a field day if Nancy P had said that about POTUS44 in 2008.

The US is becoming the world laughingstock under this administration.  People should be outraged about that.  People should be shouting their outrage from the rooftops.  Kathy Griffin is small potatoes compared to what is at stake here.

Anyone doing something so ignorant and distasteful SHOULD lose their job.  Pretty much anyone reading this would.  45 shouldn't have been elected to his job because of what he has said and done over the years.  The fact that he was speaks volumes to the ignorance that runs rampant in this country.  It amazes me daily.  Now there are those that would say that it was time to get rid of the career politicians...time to "drain the swamp".  The swamp has become a boiling cesspool...worse than it was before.  I agree that fresh blood in DC (and IL) would be fantastic.

We as citizens need to voice our displeasure daily...without the ignorance.

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