Thursday, May 4, 2017


217 members of the House of Representatives voted for the AHCA otherwise known as Trumpdoesn'tcare today.  Then 45 held a victory rally at the White House and a bunch of smug, mostly white men gleefully celebrated their victory.  Assholes one and all.

For 7 years Republicans have bitched about Obamacare.  Every bad thing that has happened over that time has been blamed on Obamacare.  Hell,Republicans blamed Obamacare for the stunning defeat a few weeks ago when they didn't even bring their first draft for a vote.

For 7 years, it was easier to bitch about Obamacare that actually try and create a better program for the people Congress is sworn to serve.  Social Security was an imperfect program when it was created; changes have been made over the years.  Changes could have (and should have) been made to Obamacare.  But you have members of Congress who are much too into serving themselves and the rich folks that help get them elected and they do not remember that there are millions of people in the US that are NOT wealthy white men

So to the 217 members of the House of Representatives...

I hope you never get Non Hodgkins Lymphoma as a 47th birthday present.
I hope you, or your wife, or your sister doesn't get metastatic breast cancer in your 30s and have to worry about not seeing your/their children grow up.
I hope you never have a child born with a heart defect.
I hope you never have a child born prematurely
I hope you never get a chronic disease
I hope you never suffer a stroke and survive
I hope you never suffer a traumatic brain injury
I hope you, or your wife never has to have a C-section
I hope you never get diabetes.
I hope your daughter is never a victim of rape or domestic violence.
I hope you never get colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, brain cancer, bone cancer, throat cancer...
I hope you or your wife/duaghter/sister never gets post partum depression
I hope you never have PTSD
I hope you never never need an organ transplant
I hope you never get older

I hope you're proud of how smug and self serving you looked at the victory party at the White House today.
I hope one day you wake up and see how morally bankrupt you are
I hope you're thinking about what to say about the portion of the 24 million people you're going to dump from health insurance coverage
I hope you're not too comfortable in your seat in the House

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