Sunday, January 10, 2016


So another January begins.  January is not my favorite month.  Sure, I like the clean slate feel of New Years...getting back to good eating habits and getting the Christmas decorations put away for another year. My birthday is in January, but let's face it...January in Chicago can be brutal from a weather perspective.  Google "polar vortex" if you don't believe me.

This January I am a little edgy.  I don't mean trendy.  I am closing in on the anniversary of my diagnosis.  Every ache and pain I get sends me into a fit of nervousness thinking the lymphoma has returned.  I have been intensifying my workouts so aches and pains are not unusual.  I feel fantastic.  It doesn't stop me from worrying about every twinge.  *sigh*

I flash back now and again to how I felt a year wasn't pretty.

I am trying not to be in a constant state of panic.  This is normal right?  This will go away the longer I  stay healthy, right?  I'm not crazy, right?  Well...

My birthday is Tuesday...last year I barely had the energy to go to work and I slept on the couch until Chris got home from work.

Saturday is my diagnosis anniversary.  The 27th is the anniversary of my first treatment and Mom's birthday.

January is dark.  And cold.  Sometimes it's snowy.  Google "the Blizzard of '79".  I remember an ice storm on my birthday several years ago...we ordered pizza.  I tipped the delivery guy almost as much as the pizza cost because he got the pie up the front steps in one piece!  January is LONG.  It can be grueling.

No one will be happier than me when January is over!

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