Friday, November 11, 2016

How did WE get HERE?

I have come here a couple of times in the last couple of days trying to think of how to express my feelings.

Trying to reconcile what happened on election day with what I thought were the common beliefs of the citizens of this country.

I have found that I cannot.

I feel a little lost, like I did around mid afternoon on 9/11..when the news bombarded us with the horror in NYC, DC, and rural PA.  I think the news bombards us more now.  I am not sure that's a good thing.

I am beginning to think that perhaps social media is not such a great thing; ironic, no?

Before you decide that you know what I am going to say next let me say that I have been attacked on social media for stating that something offended me.  I didn't say a WORD about who I voted for.  I simply stated that a statement made by someone I thought was a friend was offensive and insensitive.  Once attacked, I did what anyone would.  I defended my position of why I thought it was offensive, and I was attacked further.  Only one person in on the attack knew ANYTHING about me and she was as nasty as the rest.

This is your future America.  Hatred and nastiness have been given acceptance.  If things continue on this path, we won't need ISIS or some other terrorist group to do us in.  We will do it to ourselves.

I am trying to be hopeful that we won't go too much farther down the rabbit hole, but how do we stop it?  I think our president elect is trying.  A predictable tweet from last night was followed up with one more presidential earlier today.  I think no one was more surprised with Tuesday's outcome than the winner himself.  Perhaps he had an "oh shit" moment.  I hope and pray he had an "oh shit" moment. 

I think we ALL need to have an "oh shit" moment.

Social media affords us all the opportunity to put our every thought, belief, idea, joke, quip, or piece of brain vomit out in the open for the world to see.   Why is that necessary?  Sure, everyone is absolutely entitled to their opinion and everyone has the right to speak their mind.  Tell me why anyone else should care.  Tell me why anyone else should hold the same opinion and why they should be attacked if they do not.  Just because you CAN do something doesn't automatically mean that you SHOULD do something.

I will be the first to admit, I probably shouldn't have called out the person I did yesterday but if we don't call each other out when we are being hateful and nasty, when and how does it end?

 It's not OK.  It's not OK from the person getting ready to move into the White House down to the person on the street in Anytown, USA.  It's not what this country was founded on and it's not what makes us great and make NO MISTAKE, this country has always been great and it has been great because of the people; our diversity and our unity.  To say otherwise is a slap in the face to EVERY American; even those chanting those exact words at political rallys.

A friend of mine said it so well--she feels betrayed by her country.  I do too.  I feel like it's a different place than it was on Monday.

I am trying to be hopeful, trying to understand.  I consider myself educated and informed and I am struggling.  I don't understand how he got elected and I don't understand how people think rioting in the streets will fix things.  Honestly, there are so many things I don't understand right now, I am beginning to think that chemo brain is back to stay!

 I have jotted some things down that have crossed my mind since Tues evening.  I know he hasn't asked for my advice but...

Dr Mr. Trump,

Tell me the truth, you were pretty surprised by this weren't you?

Congratulations.  You have no idea how hard that was for me because you see I don't think your are the right person for the job.  I had my doubts about your opponent as well.  Please spend the next 4 years proving me and millions of others wrong.

Be humble and kind when people don't agree with you and tell your supporters to do the same.
Be mindful that not everyone in the USA is a wealthy white male; as a matter of fact most of us aren't.
Be open to those who don't think like you; there are a lot of us.
Remember when repealing the Affordable Care Act, there are millions of us with pre-existing conditions and cannot afford out of pocket expenses in the millions and even the poorest people should have access to affordable healthcare.
Surround yourself with people who have ideas different from yours as well as those who are like minded. 
It's OK to ask for help, please don't try to bulldoze through every issue that crosses your desk in the next 4 years.
Please renounce the KKK's support of you.
Please build unity in this country instead of a wall.
Make good on your promise to create jobs
Make good on your promise to be a president for all, I have friends who are very afraid and there are people in this country who think hate and bullying and harassment are acceptable behavior because you won on Tuesday.
Your children say you are not like the persona you display, show us what your children see.
Rethink some of your positions on women, minorities and the LGBT community, they could use a tweaking.

The world is watching, Mr Trump.  Don't screw this up.  You are going to swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America...maybe give it a perusal before Jan 20th.

A concerned American woman

I am going to fasten my seat and see what happens.  I know people were terrified the world would end in 2008 and it didn't.

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