Monday, December 14, 2015

What a Differrence a Year Makes

It was just about a year ago that my health started going to hell in a hand basket.

Every morning when my alarm goes off I expect to not feel rested, to feel the pain in my back that didn't go away for so long.  Then I smile to myself when I don't.

I look in the mirror as I wash my face and marvel at the normal color of my skin and the fact that I don't have black circles under my eyes.

When I apply makeup it looks good.

When I go to bed after a long day, I go to sleep and it is restful.  Occasionally neuropathy in my hands wakes me out of sound sleep but in a matter of minutes I am back to sleep with no problem.

My appetite is good and I can eat pretty much anything and not feel icky.  A year ago, just about EVERYTHING I ate made me feel icky.

I am not going to lie; aches and pains scare the hell out of me; especially new ones.  Hopefully that will go away with time.  I am looking forward to Christmas even though I am a little overwhelmed with everything that needs to happen in the next 11 days.  One big difference though is that I feel like I can handle it.  A year ago, it was all I could do to put one foot in front of the other.  And if everything doesn't happen, that's OK too.

I approach 2016 with hope, health, happiness, a profound sense of gratitude and the need to enjoy everything I took for granted.  I also spend more time looking for the good in every person and situation.

Life is good; it's also maddening, scary sometimes, hard, dark, busy, and ever changing.  Buckle up, it's worth the ride!!

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