Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I have started this post several times.  I always think about what I am grateful for this time of year.  This year it seems that my list is longer than normal.  Aside from the usual...

I am grateful for my health, I will never take it for granted again.  I will also not whine about a sniffle or two.

I am grateful for my naturally curly hair, even if it has some grey at the moment.  These curls are something else.

I am grateful to have been bald; yes I said that.  Talk about learning, really learning what beauty is.  I always knew it was on the inside but spending some time without hair puts more meaning into it for me.

I am grateful beyond measure for my army of family and friends.  They picked me up and carried me when I didn't have the strength to do it myself.

I am grateful for my husband who spent many months of this year grieving for his best friend and still taking ridiculously good care of me.  I hope that I don't take you for granted and that in your brief moment of sickness this year, I did half the job that you did for me.

I am grateful for modern medicine.  Chemo is no picnic but it's so much better than it was in the past.

I am grateful for the beagle who took care of me when I was sick and was a typical beagle when I was on the road to recovery.  Yes, I can chase a beagle with a slipper two days after chemo.

I am grateful for children who see you for who you are whether bald or wearing your glasses or in sweats day after day and then tell you you're beautiful in their own way anyway.

I am grateful to be able to pay it forward and will do so forever.

I am grateful for my strength that increases daily.

I am grateful for the doctors and nurses that I saw and will continue to see as I go for scans and follow ups.  You do an incredible job and I am guessing do not hear that enough.

I am grateful for the American Cancer Society for small and large acts of kindness during my journey.

I am grateful for Relay for Life.

I am grateful for my growing ability to see the good in every person, every cloudy day, the beauty in EVERY moment because it's there even if it isn't obvious.

In a strange way, maybe I am grateful that I got the sense that it was a reality check for me.  It reinforced what is really important in my life and what is NOT.  You really do need to deal with the dark to appreciate the light.

Live your life.  Love fiercely and obviously.  Enjoy every moment.  Look for the signs; they are there.  Show gratitude, it will come back to you tenfold.  Give hugs and kisses.  Do and say kind things.  Be generous of your time, gifts and yes, your money.  We're not promised tomorrow and you don't get to take it with you.  Sing, even if you cannot carry a tune.  Dance as if no one is watching even if they are.  Smile at a stranger.  Pray.  Meditate.  Color.

Be grateful.

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