Sunday, August 30, 2015


I had my 6 month PET scan last Tuesday.  I get my results on 9/3/15.  It's not exactly 6 months since I went into remission but I am of the belief that my oncologist knows what he is doing so I do what I am told.  If he says, "Scan" then I go have a scan.  If he said, "Jump off a tall building", I would honestly give it some thought.

He's been there before. He has seen many sick patients; some older than me, some younger.  Some in better overall health than me, some worse.  The fact of the matter is; he put me at ease the instant  met him so he calls the shots in my treatment and care.

That's a big deal coming from me because I like to be in control and I'll be honest, I gave up control last winter.  I put my type A personality on the shelf...and it WORKED.  I am well.  I am healthy and I am gaining my strength back.  I took a restorative yoga class yesterday and left it feeling energized.  I am setting goals for my future.  My hair is requiring about 45 seconds of work after a shower.  It's the little things these days that make me happy.

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