Monday, May 30, 2016

Scans Redux

So, back in April I had a CT scan.  Unfortunately, I was supposed to have scanS.  I will go Wednesday to get the rest of the scans.

I get drink the yummy liquid that sends my stomach into odd convulsions.  I get to sit on pins and needles until my oncologist calls giving me the all clear.

Yes, it's all for he best.

I spent a week in Disney, walking miles, enjoying the sites.  Summer has come to Chicago.  My planting for he season is just about done.  I have put away my sweaters and replaced them with shorts, sandals, and dresses.  And yet I sit in the same place I did almost 2 months ago...all because of a clerical error.

I wish I could be scanned for cancer as easily as I got scanned to make sure I wasn't bringing weapons onto the plane to Disney.  I wish I didn't worry even though I know I am well.  I wish people I work with would understand how sick the contrast solution makes me.  I wish they would understand that the new order management system is never going to be my first priority.  It can't be.  My first priority will always be my health.

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